The Ph.D. program in developmental psychology at Boston College’s Department of Psychology is now accepting applications for Fall of 2020. The Psychology Department offers a vibrant and rapidly-growing community, with a strong commitment to interdisciplinary research as well as new and emerging research fields and methods. Successful applicants are guaranteed five years of full tuition and stipend.
Four developmental faculty are currently recruiting graduate students for Fall 2020:
— Dr. Sara Cordes (Infant and Child Cognition Lab,, whose research focuses on math cognition and social influences of math learning from infancy to adulthood
— Dr. Joshua Hartshorne (Language Learning Lab,, whose research focuses on what makes language learning possible
— Dr. Angie Johnston (Social Learning Lab,, whose research explores the evolutionary origins of human social learning by comparing children and dogs
— Dr. Katherine McAuliffe (Cooperation Lab,, whose research focuses on the development and evolution of cooperation in humans
Students interested in working with any of these four faculty are encouraged to apply. We also welcome applications from students interested in combining across these research programs — for example, studying the acquisition of abstract language regarding fairness, the relationship between numerical cognition and the acquisition of number words, the evolutionary origins of human-dog cooperation, or the interrelationship between the development of numerical cognition and cooperation.
Further information about the application can be found on the BC psychology website ( The deadline for applications is December 15.