The Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings is seeking a consultant to research the role of parent demand in education system transformation to advance CUE’s leapfrogging in education portfolio. The consultant will examine the way in which the education community (e.g. administrators, school leaders, educators) can help educate parents so that they will understand and ultimately become supportive advocates of “innovative teaching and learning practices” (e.g. service learning, project-based learning, gamification) that can build the wide range of competencies and skills needed for the future.  The consultant will support the writing of a book on the topic with Senior Fellow and CUE Co-Director, Rebecca Winthrop, and lead the authorship of a “playbook” or how-to guide on the topic. Both publications will be published by the Brookings Institution and will be widely disseminated to decision-makers in the education community to help them translate the research into action. 

We are seeking candidates with a PhD in education or related field with knowledge of parent and community engagement in education and education innovations, especially new pedagogical approaches; strong mixed methods data collection and analysis; and strong writing skills, especially translating research findings in a clear and compelling way for practitioners, policymakers, and general audiences. 

If interested, send CV to Lauren Ziegler, Leapfrogging Project Director at  by November 15, 2019.