Project Description

Even in the early stages of dementia, those affected face more than recall problems, including enduring issues with communication, often resulting in social exclusion. We propose that engaging in intergenerational interactions can help ease this isolation and improve wellbeing.

The student will address important societal questions across three experiments that involve intergenerational interactions between individuals with dementia and children/infants. The project will be co-funded by Healthcare Research Wales and the ESRC and will involve collaborations with local care homes, including Ty Enfys.

The student will be based in the Cardiff University Centre for Human Developmental Science and will work with the Tiny to Tots research group ( They will be trained in conducting research with infants, children, and individuals with dementia by Dr Sarah Gerson (Cardiff University) and Dr Maggie Ellis (University of St Andrews).

Cardiff University Centre for Human Development Science (CUCHDS) – The Cardiff University Centre for Human Development Science (CUCHDS) provides opportunities for research and training in the study of human development from conception to adulthood.

Funding Notes

The studentship will commence in October 2020 and will cover your tuition fees (at UK/EU level) as well as a maintenance grant. In <2019-2020 the maintenance grant for full-time students was £15,009 per annum. As well as tuition fees and a maintenance grant, all School of Psychology students receive conference and participant money (approx. £2250 for the duration of the studentship).They also receive a computer, office space and access to courses offered by the University’s Doctoral Academy and become members of the University Doctoral Academy.


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