Postdoctoral Research Scholar Position at Carnegie Mellon University


The Cantlon Lab at Carnegie Mellon is hiring a Postdoctoral Fellow to study logical rules in primates, human children, and US and Tsimane people. 


The position is part of a larger research program investigating the evolutionary, developmental, and cultural influences on fundamental cognitive processes. For the current project, the logical rules of interest include sequencing, hierarchical rules, patterns, and recursion with a focus on spatial and quantitative logic, and connections to language. The researcher will join a collaborative group between the Cantlon Lab at Carnegie Mellon University and the Piantadosi Lab at UC Berkeley. The position is to design nonverbal experiments to test in primates, conduct studies with humans and non-human primates, analyze data, and prepare manuscripts. Possible short data collection trips to the Amazon for testing Tsimane participants are part of this position, depending on interest. Experience programming behavioral tasks and statistics, and primate research is preferred. Salary is based on NIH postdoctoral standards. The position is for at least two years, ideally beginning this summer.