The Faja Lab within the Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience (LCN) at BCH is seeking a Research Assistant for an NIH-funded project examining the emergence of executive function difficulties in young children with autism spectrum disorder relative to children with developmental delays or no developmental concerns. 


The Research Assistant will work primarily on a project that will examine biological and behavioral markers associated with executive and social functioning in preschool aged children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), developmental delays, and no developmental concerns. The project will use electrophysiology, behavioral, clinical, and parent report measures in a group of children who are participating at multiple time points.


Responsibilities will include:

  • Recruiting and scheduling participants, running experimental study sessions, administering EEG measures, behaviorally assisting children during visits, coordinating collection of surveys from parents, as well as data entry and management. This project is a longitudinal study that requires a high level of data integrity
  • Coordinating and training research interns
  • Contribute to data processing, scoring, and cleaning and will have the opportunity to assist with analysis


Those interested in applying can do so here.