Reminder: Post-doctoral Research Position in Cross-cultural Developmental Psychology- closes 28th May

I have a 3 year post-doctoral position available at Durham University, UK to look at the cross-cultural development of empathy in human infants living in small-scale traditional societies in the South Pacific (Samoa and Vanuatu). This research is funded by the European Research Council-

Empathy, the sharing and understanding others’ emotions and thoughts, is a defining feature of what it means to be human. However, we lack knowledge about its developmental origins and to what extent its subcomponents reflect cultural and species universals. Here, we will address this by conducting a comparative cross-cultural investigation into the development of empathy in human infants in small scale traditional societies,  with further comparisons to our great ape relatives, the bonobos. The project will combine behavioural experiments, innovative psychophysical techniques, eyetracking and systematic observations. Working as part of a collaborative field-research team, this postdoctoral position offers an exciting opportunity to gain unprecedented insights into how empathy develops cross-culturally. 

Closes 28th May. Please see link for more information:

Interested candidates are encouraged to get in touch with me for enquiries: Dr Zanna Clay: .  


best wishes
Zanna Clay