The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University is recruiting graduate students for 2020-2021 to pursue a PhD in Developmental Psychology. The department houses a vibrant community of interdisciplinary researchers. The ultimate mission is to equip future scientists with the empirical and theoretical tools needed to go beyond the mere description of development to an explanation of how change happens in a variety of contexts.


We are a mentor-based graduate program that utilizes interdisciplinary learning environments and research opportunities tailored to students’ individual career goals. Students are guaranteed funding (stipend + tuition waiver + health insurance) for five years.


Faculty members in the developmental area who are actively recruiting new graduate students include Emily Fyfe () and Dan Kennedy (). Dr. Fyfe’s research focuses on the science of learning with an emphasis on the development of mathematics cognition and problem solving. Dr. Kennedy’s research explores how the brain gives rise to various social processes and how those abilities differ across individuals, especially those on the autism spectrum. See here for a full list of faculty members in the department and their areas of expertise.


Learn more on the department’s website and apply here if interested. Our deadline for applications is 12/1/19.