The Social Memory Lab at Tulane University, directed by Dr. Ben Deen, is seeking a Laboratory Research Technician and a Postdoctoral Fellow. The lab studies social perception, cognition, and memory, with the goal of characterizing the cognitive and neural basis of our ability to understand other people. We use behavioral and neuroimaging (fMRI) methods in humans, with a focus on precision imaging of functional organization in individual brains.

  1. The Laboratory Research Technician will work as part of a team comprised of postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate research assistants, and will coordinate day-to-day operations of the lab. Major responsibilities include participant recruitment, collection of behavioral and fMRI data, data analysis using Matlab or Python, and administrative duties. Other tasks will be commensurate with the experience and interests of the technician. The position requires excellent communication and organizational skills, a high degree of independence, and an interest in cognitive neuroscience.

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  1. The Postdoctoral Fellow will have the opportunity to conceive of and design research studies, lead and participate in data collection and analysis, mentor graduate and undergraduate lab members, write fellowship and grant proposals, and present their results at scientific conferences. Specific research projects within the scope of the lab are flexible and dependent on the interests of the candidate.

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