ManyBabies Executive Director


The ManyBabies Consortium (MB) is a collaborative project that seeks to bring researchers together to address difficult outstanding theoretical and methodological questions about the nature of early development and how it is studied. 


MB is seeking an Executive Director (ED) to promote and support its mission broadly. Candidates should have a PhD in developmental psychology or an adjacent area and interest/expertise in open science and metascience. Successful candidates will also have the ability to communicate a compelling vision internally and externally, will have experience building successful partnerships and collaborations in a diverse and inclusive community setting, and ideally will have some experience with fundraising/grants.


MB ED will have the following responsibilities:

  • Community building: Work with MB governing board and administrative and scientific staff to facilitate community building and goal setting,
  • Coordination: Work with administrative staff to track and facilitate the progress of specific MB projects; organize events and meetings for MB project leadership and the community more broadly; coordinate methodological and analytic documentation and standards across MB projects; coordinate the scientific review of applications for new MB projects,
  • Dissemination: Contribute to and/or coordinate submissions of symposia or events to scientific conferences (e.g., International Congress on Infant Studies, Society for Research in Child Development, Cognitive Development Society)
  • Funding acquisition: Coordinate and lead the scientific and administrative content of fundraising efforts, focusing on federal and foundation grants,
  • Communication and outreach: Work with administrative staff to coordinate and facilitate outreach of MB and MB projects to the broader public via talks, social media dissemination, and press outreach, 
  • Initiate and coordinate instructional opportunities for MB community and project participants, for example by designing syllabi, recruiting instructors, and/or delivering instruction, 
  • Promote partnerships with other organizations devoted to open developmental science (including LookIt), and 
  • Promote diversity and inclusion within the MB network, for example by forming partnerships with scientists and communities underrepresented in developmental research.


There will also be scientific opportunities for participation in MB projects as well as opportunities to initiate and participate in other meta-scientific research, for example about the processes/functioning of large scientific collaborations. 


The ManyBabies Consortium values diversity in all its forms and encourages applicants from a wide range of backgrounds. Non-traditional experiences (including experiences outside academic research and career breaks for caregiving) are also valuable and explicitly encouraged. 


This position will be a Research Scientist, based at the Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI), which is part of the Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Institute (HAI). The initial term of the position is two years, with the possibility of extension, contingent on good performance and the availability of funding. 


The MB Executive Director will join the rich meta-science community at Stanford, including members of the METRICS meta-research institute, and the Executive Director of the Psychological Science Accelerator (also currently located at CSLI). The ability to relocate to the Bay Area will be a factor in hiring, however ManyBabies is a global organization and hence remote work from within the United States may be possible.


Application Process


Candidates should submit a CV and a cover letter (no more than 2-3 pages) articulating fit with the various responsibilities associated with the position. Please address each bullet point listed above, for example by starting a paragraph with the exact text and linking your own skills and experiences to it, as well as your overall vision for ManyBabies. Applicants are encouraged to describe any relevant experiences from outside of academic contexts. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for additional materials that are relevant to the position (e.g. writing sample, teaching materials, etc.). Review of applications will begin on July 15th, 2021 and continue until the position is filled. Please submit all materials by email to , with the subject “ManyBabies Executive Director”.