* Postdoc and PhD position on the neural basis of social cognition in early childhood *

The Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (MPI CBS) in Leipzig, Germany is currently searching for a postdoc and a PhD student in the Research Group Milestones of Early Cognitive Development (https://www.cbs.mpg.de/independent-research-groups/early-cognitive-development). The Research Group investigates the cognitive and neural basis of social cognition in early childhood, using functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS), EEG, MRI, eye-tracking, and infant behavioral methods. A particular focus of the group lies on the development of Theory of Mind and the self-concept throughout infancy and preschool-age.

The PhD position will be part of a project on the neural basis of Theory of Mind in early childhood funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) within the DFG Research Unit “Crossing the Borders: The Interplay of Language, Cognition, and the Brain in Early Human Development” and will involve fNIRS and behavioral measures (https://crossing-project.de/).

The postdoctoral researcher will be able to develop projects according to their own interests within the scope of the research group, preferably involving fNIRS and/or EEG. A more methodological focus involving these methods is also possible.

The full job advertisements can be found at https://www.cbs.mpg.de/vacancies/open-positions

(Job number: PhD 11/19 and PD 12/19) and application is via our online system.

**Application deadline is the 30 June 2019** but applications will be considered until the position is filled.

In case of questions please contact Dr. Charlotte Grosse Wiesmann () https://www.cbs.mpg.de/independent-research-groups/early-cognitive-development