POSITION TITLE: Research Assistant



The position is for a Research Assistant (RA) in the Department of Psychiatry at Brown University and Bradley Hospital working with researchers at the Adolescent Mental Health Collaborative (AMHC) that aims to improve the mental health of youth through coordinated research, treatment, and training: https://sites.brown.edu/AMHC.


This research position coordinates recruitment for a number of projects conducting multi-method studies of mental health in youth and participating in ongoing research and clinical activities. The breakdown of the effort for this position is as follows:

– 50% Recruitment facilitation and coordination for at least 5 ongoing projects across the continuum of Bradley Hospital’s settings (i.e., inpatient, partial, outpatient) and community (e.g., schools, parenting organizations) and acting as a liaison between treatment teams and community organizations and researchers and vice versa. 

– 50% Conducting clinical and research activities involving patients (e.g. clinical and research assessments).




  1. Review medical charts and referrals, prepare and post online advertisements via listservs and social media to identify and recruit participant 
  1. Administer phone screen interviews to potential participants
  1. Coordinate and facilitate recruitment activities with other Research Assistants
  1. Conduct clinical and behavioral assessments with child, adolescent, and adult participants

including the collection of questionnaire data, brief neuropsychological assessments, and clinical assessments/interviews

  1. Assist in the collection, management, processing, and analysis of data from the research assessments, interviews, and questionnaires.
  1. Perform other research management duties as assigned.
  1. Observe all hospital policies, rules and regulations 
  1. Consistently applies the corporate values of respect, honesty and fairness, and the constant pursuit of excellence in improving the health status of the people of the region through the provision of customer-friendly, geographically accessible and high-value services within the environment of a comprehensive integrated academic health system.



  1. Minimum Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, Sociology or other related fields 
  1. Minimum of one year of experience in a research project and/or related clinical setting is required (can be unpaid experience). Working knowledge of research methodology (e.g., statistical analysis; neuroimaging processing) strongly preferred.
  1. Ability to interact skillfully with clinical populations (both adolescents and adults).
  1. Must have excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, interpersonal skills, and ability to prioritize among multiple tasks.
  1. Experience with data capture systems (e.g., REDCap) and statistical software (e.g., SPSS, R) is preferred but not required.



Performs independently within department policies and practices.  Refers specific complex problems to supervisor where clarification of departmental policies and procedures may be required.



 The RA selected for this position will be provided with a significant amount of high-quality training in administering behavioral and neural assessments in both clinical and community settings. As such, the optimal candidate will be receptive to feedback on their performance throughout the duration of the position. These skills will be invaluable to any candidate who wishes to pursue a career and/or advanced study in a mental health-related field. Due to the nature of the position, the RA will be trusted with a great deal of responsibility for facilitating the ongoing research in accordance with established scientific protocol. This position requires a skilled individual to recruit, enroll, assess, and retain a unique population of children and adolescents and their parents. Working with this population may be challenging at times and requires clinical, interpersonal, and communication skills to handle sensitive topics. Flexibility, conscientiousness, and commitment to the program’s goals and objectives are essential.