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Research Assistant Position In Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience & Vision Rehabilitation


Name of department/lab


Group for Real-World Neuroscience (GROWN), Institute of Information Systems, University of Applied Sciences & Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO) Valais, Sierre, Switzerland


Applications are invited for a research position under the supervision of Dr. Paul Matusz on the project “Understanding the role of attention in visual rehabilitation: Amblyopia as a model” funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation Ambizione programme. The project uses a combination of ophthalmology, psychophysics, EEG and motion tracking in children and adults with amblyopia (“lazy-eye syndrome”) and healthy children. Its aim is to provide much-needed insights into the role of the interactions between perceptual, attentional and motor processes in the aetiology as well as recovery from amblyopia, by testing promising novel treatments involving serious games on VR.

The project will capitalize on synergies across the latest advances in ophthalmology, cognitive neuroscience and experimental psychology. The project will reach its aim by achieving 3 main objectives: (1)  We will identify the core sensory, cortical, cognitive and motor deficits of paediatric amblyopia, (2) We will verify the efficacy of VR game platforms in rehabilitating vision in amblyopia, and (3) We will establish the relative importance of perceptual, cognitive and motor processes in supporting vision recovery in amblyopia.


The successful applicant will 1) hold or be in the course of obtaining a Master’s degree in experimental psychology, cognitive neuroscience or a related discipline, 2) be fluent in speaking and writing in French and English, and 3) have experience with testing school-age children and/or clinical populations. The ideal candidate should also have a strong background in cognitive neuroscience of attention, object perception and/or multisensory processing as well as experience with using neuroimaging/electroencephalography techniques and eye-tracking. The applicant should have a demonstrated capacity for data analysis and scientific writing. Expertise in programming, modelling, and advanced statistical analyses would be desirable.


More information here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/148MRj-v5f_mCYKqhoaUXysB-eyTX75KF/view?usp=sharing


Name of supervisor


Dr. Paul Matusz


Closing date


1st of June