Research Assistant Position in Labs of Cognitive Neuroscience (Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School)

The Boston Children’s Hospital Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience (PIs: Dr. Charles Nelson and Dr. Susan Faja) are dedicated to furthering our understanding of brain and cognitive development in typically developing infants and children, as well as children diagnosed with or at risk for various developmental disorders. In gaining a better understanding of these processes, our goal is to contribute to the healthy growth and development of children.

The Emotion Project is a large-scale longitudinal study in the Nelson Lab investigating the neural bases of emotion processing and early neural and behavioral markers of childhood anxiety in typically developing children. Participants were recruited at infancy and have been followed at multiple time points throughout early childhood to collect EEG and fNIRS, physiology (heart rate, respiration), eyetracking, survey, and behavioral data. Currently, participants are being seen for the 5- and 7-year follow-up studies.

Research Assistant Job Summary: Responsibilities for the Research Assistant on the Emotion Project would include: 1) scheduling and conducting in-lab and virtual visits for 5- and 7-year-old children; and 2) maintenance and processing of large datasets. The RA  would work closely with the project coordinators in addition to postdoctoral fellows and other research staff. Please apply to the position here.