Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science Postdoctoral Teacher-Scholar Program


Two Postdoctoral positions are available in the RuCCS Postdoctoral Teacher-Scholar Program:
• RuCCS Teacher-Scholars hold a full-time position for a 3 year, non-renewable appointment that includes a competitive postdoctoral salary and benefits.
• RuCCS Teacher-Scholars teach 3 undergraduate courses per year (typically a 2-1 load) in Cognitive Science with their remaining time protected for research.
• To accommodate the diversity of training and career paths, the scholarship expectations for RuCCS Teacher-Scholars are flexible and can include a broad range of scholarly approaches, including laboratory research.
• Teacher-Scholars follow a progression of mentored academic development that gradually increases in independence and responsibility.
• Every Teacher-Scholar has a primary faculty mentor and participates in a program of professional development training led by Rutgers faculty and staff.
• Each Teacher-Scholar is provided with shared office space and a research allowance to support travel to academic conferences and other expenses.
• Teacher-Scholars are required to contribute to the RuCCS community by participating in seminars, conferences, and other academic programming.

Name of department/lab
Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science

Name of supervisor

Jenny Wang

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