Study developmental science at UNCG!

Several faculty at UNC Greensboro are looking for talented and motivated students to join their research teams! We have Ph.D. programs in both experimental (cognitive, developmental, and social: and clinical psychology (, as well as a terminal master’s program in Experimental Psychology. We are a growing and collegial department in a fun, diverse, and affordable region of the United States. UNC Greensboro is especially proud of the diversity of its undergraduate and graduate student body and we seek to attract an equally diverse student applicant pool.

Students at UNCG have the opportunity to study mind, brain, and behavior at multiple levels of analysis (neural, individual, and social) with diverse techniques. In the developmental area, we have a strong core of faculty who study social learning and cognition (which might be of special interest to members of this list!). Equipment facilities include a 64 channel ERP system (Brain Products: actiCHamp and actiCap active electrodes system), remote eye tracking system (SensoMotoric Products), and access to a 3T scanner (Siemens Magnetom Trio).

The following faculty members have openings for new students this year:

Janet Boseovski and Stuart Marcovitch are Co-Directors of the DUCK Lab (Development and Understanding of Children’s Knowledge; Janet’s research examines how children form impressions about other people, optimism biases in childhood, and children’s learning from others in social domains. Stuart’s research focuses on the development of executive function and how it relates to other cognitive and social skills. The DUCK lab offers an enriching, collaborative environment with opportunities to bridge students’ interest in social and cognitive development (e.g., research that examines the relation between executive functioning and social judgments) and to participate in larger ongoing research projects (e.g., children’s learning in a Science Center setting). Janet Boseovski can be reached at and Stuart Marcovitch can be reached at .

Jasmine DeJesus directs the Development, Culture and Health Lab ( Her research examines how children’s beliefs and knowledge changes across development (or in some cases, stays the same!), how children’s social and cultural experiences shape their choices and attitudes, and how we can leverage developmental science methods to study health outcomes and promote child and family health and well-being. She can be reached at .

Shaylene Nancekivell directs the Young Minds Research Lab ( Shaylene has broad interests in conceptual and social-cognitive development. Her work is focused on understanding how theories develop across the lifespan. The bulk of her current work examines children’s theories of ownership. However, she also has a second line of work examining adults’ intuitive theories of learning and myths about education. She can be reached at .

The application deadline is December 1 for the Ph.D. program and either December 1 or April 1 for the terminal M.A. program. Information about how to apply can be found here:

If you have questions about the graduate program, contact Mike Kane (our Director of Graduate Studies) at . Our graduate handbook is also available online:

If you are interested in working with a particular faculty member, we encourage you to contact them directly so that you can get to know each other better.