We are getting close to the Ph.D deadlines but I wanted to share information about UCI’s School of Education, since it is an unusual and very psychological school of education.  If you are interested in cognitive development that has relevance to application or everyday contexts, I encourage you to take a look at our program!  Faculty in the Human Development in Context strand of the Ph.D program conduct research on many areas of interest for cognitive development including: children’s reasoning development (Lindsey Richland), training of executive function and working memory resources (Susanne Jaeggi), and the relations between these basic cognitive processes and reading, writing and mathematics acquisition in diverse populations (Young-Suk Kim, Carol Conner, Penelope Collins, Brandy Gatlin, Drew Bailey; Lindsey Richland).  Additional developmental topics of interest include social-emotional development and technology use (Stephanie Reich, Mark Warschauer), and out-of school learning and play (Sandra Simpkins, Andre Bustamante), as well as a growing faculty building expertise in data analytics and open science (June Ahn, Nia Dowell, Shayan Doroudi, Drew Bailey).  


Active faculty in UCI’s School of Education also include Greg Duncan, former SRCD President, and Jacqueline Eccles, who will not be taking new students but is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in motivation development.  


IThe admissions deadline is Dec 1.