Two Research Coordinator Positions

Brain and Body Lab

University of California, Los Angeles

PI: Bridget Callaghan


Two reliable, highly organized, and independent individuals are sought for a Staff Research Associate (SRA) Position (1 full-time, 1 part-time) in the Brain and Body Lab (BABLab), UCLA Department of Psychology, under the supervision of the Principal Investigator (Dr. Bridget Callaghan). The position will commence in Summer 2019 (preferably August). The SRA will be responsible for coordinating and conducting research studies, and managing lab activities.


The BABLab studies emotional development and its relation to physical health across the lifespan (infancy to adulthood). We utilize behavioral (questionnaire, interview, and task performance), fMRI, and biological measures to understand how early experiences, particularly of adversity, shape cognitive, affective, and physical development, leading to health and disease outcomes.


Under the supervision of Dr. Callaghan, the SRA will be involved in managing a federally-funded, active research lab, and will participate in many aspects of the research process, including designing and implementing experiments, programming experimental tasks, recruiting and scheduling participants, running research sessions, and analyzing data. The SRA will also oversee the day-to-day operations of the lab, including developing and maintaining a database for participant recruitment and research data, preparation, submission, and maintenance of IRB applications, scheduling lab events and research meetings, and helping to supervise undergraduate research assistants. In addition, the SRA will have the opportunity to work closely and productively with other team members, and assist with the preparation of scientific papers for publication, and posters.


These duties will primarily (though not exclusively) be executed in relation to a 3-year longitudinal study examining how experiences of childhood adversity influence the maturation of the gastrointestinal microbiome, memory, and the hippocampus, and how each of these factors is associated with the emergence of anxiety across childhood to adolescence. Data collection for this project involves acquisition of biological samples, physiology (e.g., heart rate, gastric activity), behavioral assessments (e.g., of memory), an fMRI scan, and assessments of childhood adversity and current mental health.


Duties and Responsibilities:

·       Prepare and submit IRB applications

·       Recruit participants for research studies

·       Develop and maintain databases for participant recruitment and data entry

·       Work sensitively with vulnerable populations (e.g., youth, adversity exposed, psychiatric)

·       Hire and supervise a team of research assistants in data collection and management

·       Develop study protocols and monitor adherence of lab members

·       Collect multiple forms of data from participants, including adversity and mental health assessments, computer-based behavior, physiology, fMRI

·       Oversee collection and storage of biological samples for biomarker assays



·       Bachelor’s degree in a relevant academic area (e.g., psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science)

·       Experience working or volunteering in research lab settings

·       Experience with data management and analysis is preferred

·       Experience with coding (e.g., R, python, PsychoPy) preferred


Please contact Principal Investigator, Bridget Callaghan, for details on how to apply: and apply online:

Bridget Callaghan, Ph.D, MPsychol

Department of Psychology, Columbia University

Clinical Neuroscience, Columbia University Medical Center

New York City, NY, USA


M: (347) 741 4103, Twitter: @BridgetCallagh3


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