Position Summary:

This full-time lab manager will provide research support to the Piazza Laboratory in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department at the University of Rochester. The lab manager’s main duties will be to coordinate various studies on human communication, including auditory/speech/music perception and production, as well as naturalistic interactions (e.g., conversation, joint music-making). Duties will involve recruiting, scheduling, and running adult and child participants on behavioral and fNIRS paradigms, training undergraduate RAs to collect, transcribe/code, and analyze data, maintaining and updating IRB protocols and databases, organizing and scheduling lab events, maintaining the lab website, and participating in general research activities (analysis, visualization, and writing). The lab manager will have the opportunity to grow as a scientist, by pursuing independent research on topics that fit within the scope of the lab, and will be encouraged to develop analytic and neuroimaging skills. Preferred start date is September 2020.


Typical Breakdown of Duties:

Recruiting, scheduling and running participants: 40%

Supervising transcription/coding/analysis: 30%

Lab administration (protocols, documentation, organizing lab events): 20%

General research (analysis, data visualization, writing): 10%


Educational Requirements/Qualifications:

Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, or a related field, plus 2-3 years relevant research experience. The successful candidate will have strong organizational, multitasking, communication, and leadership skills and experience working with children. Previous programming experience (Matlab, R, Python, HTML, Linux) is preferred. Musical experience (ability to read music) is a plus but not required. 

 Please e-mail a CV and cover letter to  to apply.