Anticipated Postdoctoral Research Fellow and/or Clinical Psychologist/SLP Positions for Studies in Toddlers with Autism

The Vanderbilt Music Cognition Lab ( anticipates multiple openings in spring/summer 2020 for projects into social interaction and social communication in young children with and without ASD. Studies use a variety of behavioral and social neuroscience methods. Positions (full or part-time available) expected to include opportunities for:

(a) Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Develop and carryout federally-funded research involving eye-tracking, acoustic, and/or movement coordination metrics for assessing rhythm of social interaction.

(b) Clinical Psychologist or Speech-Language Pathologist: Conduct diagnostic evaluations in young children with or at risk for ASD, as well as conduct NDBI-based therapy for toddlers with ASD.

Based on interest and experience, candidates may express interest in working across both clinical and research categories or only one category.

Candidates may come from a variety of disciplines including but not limited to psychology, speech sciences, or neuroscience. Please see or send your CV to  for more information.