At Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Education, we are seeking outstanding candidates for our Education PhD program, with a specialty in Educational Psychology. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds who are interested in interdisciplinary opportunities for research and scholarly achievement. 


Please visit the VCU Educational Psychology webpage for more information.  

Apply online by January 15, 2020: 


Virginia Commonwealth University (Ph.D in Education, Educational Psychology; (deadline: 1/15/2020) Faculty study interdisciplinary applications of motivation, social, cognition, and developmental psychology to learning and education. Specific research interests are:

Dr. Christine Bae: engagement, motivation, science teaching and learning, urban classrooms

Dr. Alison Koenka: academic motivation, feedback, STEM, underrepresented student populations

Dr. Sharon Zumbrunn: contexts that foster academic motivation, self-regulation, and success

Have questions? Reach out directly to the faculty who aligns best with your research interests or contact for general admissions support and guidance.