Tools for Investigators

Welcome to the CDS Tools for Investigators webpage! This page is designed to support the sharing of research tools and resources that support investigators conducting research in cognitive development.


How to Contribute Software to the CDS Tools 

First, please note the following requirements:

  1. Postings are to come from investigators, not commercial entities.
  2. Only postings of free/open resources are acceptable.
  3. The person posting the information takes full
    responsibility for the content/functionality of what is posted.
  4. All posts are first reviewed by the CDS board, to make sure they fulfill these requirements.

To begin the process, please send your proposal in an email to Michelle Smith. Be sure to specify what type of software you would like to post, its size, funding agency, as well as instructions on its use. The CDS Board will evaluate each proposal and decide whether the contribution should be hosted on the CDS website.

Once approved, you will receive further instructions to upload the software files.


Citing Materials from CDS Tools For Investigators

Online Sources

Citations should provide information that both identifies a source and allows that source to be located and retrieved again. For content that does not easily fit into categories such as journal papers, books, and reports, keep in mind the goal is to give the reader a clear path to the source material.

For electronic and online materials, include stable URL or database name. Include the agency, title, and date published when available. For undated materials, include the date the resource was accessed.


“NAME of agency authoring and publishing the resources” (Copyright YEAR as indicated by the “last update” on the web page). “NAME of the resource.” Retrieved from “URL of website” (e.g.,