Project Syllabus

Although CDS does not maintain an archive of syllabi relevant to cognitive development or developmental psychology, we are happy to point interested parties (both those who would like to share a syllabus and those who are looking for one) to Project Syllabus

Project Syllabus was initiated by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP, APA Division 2) to provide a means for accessing and contributing to a growing collection of syllabi for Psychology courses.

If you would like to submit your syllabi for peer review and possible inclusion, please send an electronic copy or URL to Eleni Pinnow at . Regardless of whether your syllabus is selected for publication, you will receive useful feedback from two faculty reviewers within approximately four weeks.

Syllabi on the Project Syllabus site specific to Developmental Psychology can be found here.

Although CDS supports the Project Syllabus initiative, we do not explicitly endorse any of the syllabi published on the site.