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Psych Research List

We would like to share with you this resource put together by Meltem Yucel, a Ph.D. candidate in Psychology.  The list features various lists for paid internships, virtual graduate school information sessions, and resources for applying to graduate school.

You can access the list at 


About: #PsychGradWishList is an online mutual-aid movement* for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) incoming psychology interns and graduating trainees. We encourage members of the #HealthServicePsych and #PsychTwitter community to show their support by purchasing trainees’ preferred items -listed in their wish lists, as they transition to internship and postdocs!

Why it is important: BIPOC trainees face stark educational and financial disparities at various stages of their professional journey. This is a unique opportunity to make a difference in a trainee’s professional trajectory as they face life-changing and growing experiences. 

How to be part of this movement:
1.  Share this email with three other colleagues
2.  Use #PsychGradWishList in social media to amplify this initiative
3.  Join us with your support: 

Questions? Email . Connect with us on Twitter: @psychgradwish

*This movement is not new, but was inspired by #MedGradWishList on Twitter and the tireless work of Dr. Farrah-Amoy Fullerton. #MedGradWishList has been successful and well-received by students in the medical field.