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ICDSS Statement on 2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquake

On Monday, February 6, a devastating earthquake struck the heart of Syria and Türkiye, causing devastating situations for our colleagues, their family, friends, and communities. The toll of this crisis is beyond comprehension with potentially long-standing effects on families, children, and communities. ICDSS extends our deepest sympathies and support. Your assistance, support, and aid are in great need RIGHT NOW…

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Statement on Crimes and Human Rights Violations Against Children During War and Armed Conflict

The Cognitive Development Society strongly condemns forcible transfer of children from their homes and families for political reasons. Instances of forcible removal represent an important international concern both in the Global North and Global South…

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Statement of solidarity with trans and LGBTQIA+ youth

At the Cognitive Development Society, we stand in strong support of the LGBTQIA+ community. As scholars working to understand and improve the lives of children through the study of cognitive development, we are profoundly disappointed to see the recent political efforts targeting LGBTQ+ children and in particular, transgender children, and to observe elected leaders encouraging or even mandating that doctors, parents, and teachers violate best practices in medicine and child development…

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Social Justice Bibliography

We are pleased to announce a new resource available to the CDS community: we have compiled an annotated bibliography offering literature that contributes to our understanding of how racial prejudices develop…

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Cognitive Development Society

The Cognitive Development Society aims to provide a unified voice for the wide range of scholars, practitioners, and others who are interested in change and continuity in the intellectual processes that support mental life.