About the Society

The Cognitive Development Society (CDS) was incorporated in September 1999 in order to provide a unified voice for the wide range of scholars, practitioners, and others who are interested in change and continuity in the intellectual processes that support mental life.

Some CDS members are concerned with basic research or theory; others focus on policy issues and practical applications. Our range of interests includes cognitive development during all stages of life, and we seek to understand ontogenetic processes in both humans and nonhumans. Finally, our interests encompass typical as well as atypical development, and we attempt to characterize both biological and cultural influences on cognitive change and continuity.

The Cognitive Development Society has selected the Journal of Cognition and Development as its official journal. The relation is symbiotic in that the journal enhances the field of cognitive development by providing a prestigious forum for innovative research and theory. We look forward to a long and productive interaction with this new journal, and we urge our members to consider it as a showcase for their finest work.

Officers 2015 – 2017:


David Uttal — Northwestern University

Secretary (2013-2017):

Melissa Koenig – University of Minnesota

Treasurer (2013-2017):

David Sobel – Brown University


Paul Harris – Harvard Graduate School of Education

Past President:

Amanda Woodward — University of Chicago

Editor of the Journal of Cognition and Development

Susan Graham, University of Calgary

Board of Directors


Marianella Casasola — Cornell University
Chuck Kalish — University of Wisconsin


Vikram Jaswal — University of Virginia
Amy Needham – Vanderbilt University


Deb Kelemen – Boston University
Tamar Kushnir – Cornell University


Student Board Members (2015-2017)

Angie Johnston – Yale University
Steven Roberts – University of Michigan

Founding Board Members

Steve Reznick (1999-2005)
Judy DeLoache (1999-2001)
Robyn Fivush (1999-2003)
Douglas Frye (1999-2003)
Peter A. Ornstein (1999-2005)
Philip David Zelazo (1999-2005)
Jennifer Coffman (1999-2003) – Student Representative

Past Officers


1999-2001 Steve Reznick
2001-2003 Patricia Bauer
2003-2005 Susan Goldin Meadow
2005-2007 Susan Gelman
2007-2009 Henry Wellman
2009-2011 Nora Newcombe
2011-2013 Judy DeLoache
2013-2015 Amanda Woodward


1999-2005 Steve Reznick
2005-2009 Amanda Woodward
2009-2013 Vikram Jaswal
2013-2017 Melissa Koenig


1999-2005 Steve Reznick
2005-2009 Laura Namy
2009-2013 Kelly Mix
2013-2017 David Sobel

Editor, Journal of Cognition and Development:

2000-2004 Philip David Zelazo
2005-2008 Patricia Bauer
2008-2013 Laura Namy
2013-2016 Elaine Reese
2016-present Susan Graham

Members of the Board:

Judy DeLoache (1999-2001)
Jennifer Coffman (1999-2003)
Robyn Fivush (1999-2003)
Douglas Frye (1999-2003)
Peter A. Ornstein (1999-2005)
Philip David Zelazo (1999-2005)
David Klahr (2001-2007)
Deanna Kuhn (2001-2007)
Adele Diamond (2003-2009)
Nora Newcombe (2003-2009)
Martha Alibali (2005-2011)
Dare Baldwin (2005-2011)
Lisa Oakes (2007-2013)
Jaqueline Woolley (2007-2013)
David Uttal (2009-2013)
Amanda Woodward (2009-2011)
Patricia Ganea (2011-2015)
Marianella Casasola (2011-2017)
Chuck Kalish (2011-2017)
Mark Sabbagh (2013-2015)
Vikram Jaswal (2013-2019)
Amy Needham (2013-2019)

Student Board Members

Priscilla San Souci (2005-2007)
Medha Tare (2005-2007)
Amanda Brandone (2007-2009)
Kimberly Turner (2007-2009)
Umaya Suanda (2009-2011)
Alexandra Twyman (2009-2011)
Rachel White (2009-2011)
Robyn Kondrad (2011-2013)
Caren Walker (2011-2013)
Jasmine DeJesus (2013-2015)
Josh Rottman (2013-2015)

Past Plenary Speakers

2015: Carol Dweck, Janet Werker, Cristine Legare, Geoff Saxe, Sandra Waxman, Catherine Haden, Susan Levine, Kelly Mix, Vladimir Sloutsky
2013: Morton Gernsbacher, Renee Baillargeon
2011: Lynn Nadel, Laurence D. Steinberg
2009: Michael Tomasello, Josh Tenenbaum
2007: Patricia Kuhl, Rob Goldstone
2005: Helen Neville, Elizabeth Spelke
2003: Judy DeLoache, Richard J. Davidson
2001: Robert Siegler, Joan Stiles
1999: John Flavell, Gilbert Gottleib, Annette Karmiloff-Smith, Nora Newcombe

From the Archives

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1999 Conference schedule

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History of CDS

History of the Cognitive Development Society: The First 16 Years

Articles of Incorporation

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