University of Rochester, Mt. Hope Family Center (Rochester, NY)
Principal Investigator: Patrick Davies, Ph.D. and Melissa Sturge-Apple, Ph.D.
Start Date: Spring/Summer 2024

Position Summary:  The Research Assistant at Mt. Hope Family Center will collect psychological research data on a federally-funded research investigation. This research study, funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, seeks to extend knowledge on how exposure to child abuse and neglect impacts mental health and well-being throughout the life course and across generations. Study participants are adults initially assessed during childhood and their offspring children.  The current study will examine the long-term and multigenerational consequences of child maltreatment on intimate partner and parent-child relationships through longitudinal follow-up of these families.

Research Assistant will:

  • conduct a variety of assessments with families (adults and children), including semi-structured interviews, survey administration, eye tracking measures of emotion processing, computerized assessments of risk taking and executive functioning, and observational paradigms of parent-child and intimate partner interactions;
  • contact participants and schedule visits; maintain good relations with participants and address any questions or concerns;
  • develop and revise measures and procedures for data collection;
  • track and manage data; formulate and implement data cleaning procedures;
  • assist in training and overseeing undergraduate research assistants.

This is a two-year position and requires the ability and willingness to work weekends and evenings. Applicants should demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and be comfortable interacting with children and families from diverse backgrounds. The position requires accuracy and attention to detail. Familiarity and comfort with Excel, ACCESS, REDCap, and statistical software such as SPSS, are preferred.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or allied discipline and previous experience working in a research lab

How to Apply:

Please submit a CV or resume and a cover letter to Meera Patel, the coordinator for the project, at .